Community Coordinator
Dawn Windross 

Mary Ellen Tupling

Anita Gillan

Volunteer Coordinator
Pamela Sertl

Public Relations
Paul Windross

Wellness Coordinator
William Kennedy

Uniform Coordinator
Wendy Coordinator

Meet the sport head coaches and Managers


5-Pin Bowling

Kathy McCarroll, Head Coach

 10-Pin Bowling

Sandy Burns, Head Coach

 Alpine Skiing

Mike Blair, Head Coach

Wendy Desjardins, Manager

Basketball - Sunday

Murray Roach, Head Coach

Diane Roach, Manager 

Basketball - Tuesday

Ed Hunter, Head Coach


Dawn Windross, Head Coach


Jan Jeffrey, Head Coach 

Floor Hockey

Pat Brimblecombe, Head Coach


Wendy Desjarden, Head Coach

 Nordic Skiing

Kathy McCarroll, Head Coach

Snow Shoeing

Cindy Hackett, Head Coach


Meagan Tysiak, Head Coach

Shannon, Tysiak-Tucker Manager


Dustin Agar, Head Coach 


Barb MacTavish, Head Coach 

Track and Field

Kathy McCarrol, Head Coach

Ann Scully, Manager


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