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Special Olympics Ontario

Special Olympics Ontario is part of a worldwide charitable organization providing sport opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities. As a grass-roots organization, Special Olympics relies on volunteers at all levels of the movement to ensure that every athlete is offered a quality sports training and competition experience. Our athletes look to our volunteers for inspiration, guidance and coaching. Over the past 50 years Special Olympics has grown from a modest program serving local athletes, to becoming the world's largest movement dedicated to promoting respect, acceptance, inclusion and human dignity for people with intellectual disabilities through sport. 

Leading, guiding and developing Special Olympics Barrie community sport and competition support.

The Special Olympics Community Council is a group of volunteers dedicated to providing full-service support for Special Olympics Ontario, Clubs and coaches to further Special Olympics goals, providing qualified athletes an opportunity to enhance their life and celebrate personal achievement through positive sport experiences.

Stewardship (Demonstrated support for SOO initiatives in the community)

Collaboration (Working together both internally and externally with members of the community to advocate and promote Special Olympics programs and contributed community value)

Innovation (Delivering leading edge programs to support SOO athletes and coaches in the community)


Communicate with all of the stakeholders to ensure that all of the constituents have knowledge of what is happening in their community with Special Olympics.

Communicate to SOO, the activities of the community.

Support and provide guidance on community growth and development.

Create community awareness and exposure.

Follow the financial and fundraising accountability practices for SOO to maintain the organizations good name and reputation.

Ensure that athletes and volunteers are not at risk and are not prevented from participating for fear of risk.

Improved decision making for the protection of the membership and the organization as a whole.

To create an annual statement of goals for the community in regard to volunteer, athlete, sport program and competition growth.

The Barrie Community of Special Olympics Ontario currently offers training in 14 different sports throughout the year. The programs provide athletes the chance to increase skill and fitness levels through regular physical activity. Also a chance of competition at the local, regional, provincial, national, and even world game levels.

Our athletes enjoy the social interaction with their teammates, their peers, their coaches, and the volunteers, boosting their confidence in both practice and competition.

Athletes of all ability levels are welcomed into the program and will receive appropriate levels of training and coaching.

Winter registration occurs in September and Summer registration is in May. The registration fee is normally $50 but to encourage athlete and family involvement a discount can be applied. This $15.00 discount is available for volunteering with council or sports program. For more information contact the Barrie Special Olympics Volunteer Coordinator. The discount is applied to your next seasonal fees.  Some sports (ie. golf) may have slightly larger fee to cover facility costs. Other sports have weekly fees (ie bowling)

Some sports are unable to provide the necessary equipment for participation. It is advised that you check with the head coach of that sport before attending the first practice.

Also, some programs may have limitations on participants. Please verify with the coach of that sport if they can accept new registrations.

Head Coach information can be found under the Contact Us page.

We look forward to seeing you.