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FAQ's, with thanks from Special Olympics Ontario CASI

What are the duties of a coach?

Coaches' duties include:

Planning Practices. The coach works to plan each practice session before the players arrive so that the athletes learn a new skill or improve on what they already know. The coach has to make sure the athletes don't get frustrated. This takes practice, knowing what skills are needed, knowing how to teach those skills and knowing how to work with each athlete.

Conducting practices. This job requires that you be able to get and keep the players' attention and to set up the workout so that everyone is doing something most of the time. Knowing how to talk with the athletes is very important. read more ...

What courses do I need to coach for Special Olympics Ontario?

All coaches are required to have completed the Special Olympics Canada National Coaching Certification Program (SOC/NCCP) Community or Competition Coach Technical course within their first year of their assignment or placement.

Please click here for more information on how you can become NCCP certified.


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