With Appreciation

Donate to Special Olympics today. 

Your generosity will make a life-changing difference.

 Thank you to everyone who has organized and participated in our fund-raising events.

With your support, more people will have that opportunities to strive and succeed.

All of the funds raised for the Barrie Community Special Olympics go towards supporting the athletes.

We need your help!

These contributions go a long way in supporting all programs that provide training and competition opportunities to the more than 200 registered athletes in Barrie.

Barrie is a proud partner of Kiwanis Club of Barrie. 
Kiwanis has provided many opportunities for promotion of the organization and ongoing fundraising initiatives for our activities. 
Thank you, Kiwanis!

Our very generous Sponsors ...

Special Olympics Barrie has been very lucky and very grateful to have the community
support within Barrie.  This has allowed the athletes to participate and enjoy various experiences, excelling in their chosen sports, and exceeding their own expectations.

We wish to offer our heartfelt Thank You to the following for their support, whether
it's through fundraising efforts or for the various things they do for us behind the scenes. 
We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge these wonderful people.  Without them,
we couldn't do what we do for the athletes, and the athletes couldn't do what they do.

The Torch Run
Rotary Club

Barrie Bowlerama
Horseshoe Valley
Snow Valley
Barrie Curling Club
Barrie Soccer Association
Barrie Trojan Swim Club
Kempenfeldt (Masonic) Lodge
Kiwanis Club of Kempenfelt Bay
Simcoe County School Board
and the many Volunteers

We would also like to mention that all donations and fundraising within the
Barrie community stay in Barrie, and because there are no paid positions,
strictly volunteer positions, the generosity of the community goes
towards the athletes themselves, helping offset some of the costs
for tournaments, etc.

Thank You To All !!